What I’m watching/reading: If you’re tired of all the political b.s. being thrown around lately, watch this first, then watch this, and have your faith in humanity reaffirmed…maybe…

Recently excited by: Apple’s random and sudden Music Memos app. I’m no musician, but there are songs I’ve been trying to figure out how to play and failed miserably, and this helped me figure chords I’ve spent hours trying to figure out.

Weekly bits: Lifeline, the game. It’s like Choose Your Own Adventure meets real time game play. Meaning that if your character goes to sleep for 8 hours, you can’t continue playing for 8 hours. It might sound like a limitation, but it actually makes it more fun.

Quote o’ the week: Reading’s for morons who can’t understand pictures. -Galavant

Song o’ the week: Annie Lennox – Fingernail Moon

weekly tidbits 1/24/16

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